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Widjabul Wia-bal Country, Bundjalung Nation.

Byron Hinterland - NSW.



Australian Institute of Architects,

NSW Architecture Awards - Interior Architecture / Sustainability

Shortlisted: HOUSES Awards - New House under 200 sq.m


Porous House supports a social experiment between, multi-generation families working together on the rehabilitation of a patch of remnant rainforest in the Byron Hinterland. The house highly tuned to its context in sympathetic and surprising ways. 


We conceived a robust shell that we could give refinement to through the design of stairs, joinery, furniture and soft furnishings made by the client team. This strategy afforded opportunities for improvisation, experimentation which often incorporates construction waste.

Bright colours and bold patterns animate the design of the interiors and establish a clear contrast with the outside that accentuates the rich and verdant character of the forest beyond.

CLIENT: Coopers Creek Collective Protectorate

DESIGN TEAM: Sandra Kaji-O'Grady, John de Manincor with Kelly Greenop and Jonathan Roberts

ENGINEER: Chad Ingles, Ingineered

PLANNER: Luke Houghton, Balanced Systems

BUSHFIRE: Helen Robinson, Home Solutions

HYDRAULICS: Trine Solutions

BUILDER: AGS Commercial [base building] and CCCP [interiors; joinery and furnishings]

PHOTOGRAPHY: © Anna Hutchcroft / Possible Studio [all rights reserved]

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