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Turraburra Country, Iningai Nation.

Barcaldine Region - Central West Queensland.


Working in close collaboration with the Yumbangku Aboriginal Cultural Heritage and Tourism Development Aboriginal Corporation (YACHATDAC) we developed a Master Plan and concept design of a Cultural Keeping Place at “Turraburra” in Central Western Queensland. “Turraburra” is a 9,000 ha former cattle station which was returned to the local Iningai people’s custodianship in 2019. Our collective design draws inspiration from YACHATDAC’s motto “ancient traditions walk toward contemporary visions.” From these ideas comes an architecture that does not draw heavily on symbolism or abstract mind games. Rather the design is a reflection of YACHATDAC’s commitment to “caring for country.” From these ideas,  the concept design uses materials such as termite soil, earth, stone and timber from the site wherever possible. These materials are deployed in highly efficient expressive forms designed using contemporary modelling and fabrication tools.


Learn more Turraburra here;


ABC News

ABC Video

If you're interested in being a guest of YACHATDAC at Turraburra contact the team via their website or Facebook.


YACHATDAC and COMMUNITY - Suzanne Thompson, Jennifer Thompson, Kyel Dancey, Stephen (Parker) Dancey, Tobias Dancey, Robyn Connelly, Graham Ambridge and Chris Connelly.

UNIVERSITY OF QUEENSLAND, SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE -  School of Architecture - John de Manincor, Ayman Wagdy Mohamed Ibrahim, Naomi Mackenzie, Peter Reilly, Loi Wei Win.


This project was completed by the University of Queensland's School of Architecture as consultancy with John as the project leader.

It was funded by a Queensland Government Outback Tourism Infrastructure Grant.

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